Sunday, April 8, 2012

First cook on the Grilla Pellet Smoker

This is my brand new pellet grill called "Grilla" and manufactured by Fahrenheit Technologies.  This thing will cook all the way from 140 degrees to 550 degrees.  In actual practice, these temps will vary with different fuels and ambient temperatures.  I also have a "Louisiana Grill Whole Hog" pellet smoker so I am looking forward to comparing them.

Here is a link to the Grilla.

Here we are in my little outdoor kitchen, on the nicest day so far this spring, getting warmed up and using American Hickory pellets made by Bear Mountain.
When you choose the "smoke" setting, there are 16 different levels of smoke to choose from. Today is going to be a low and slow cook.

This hopper will hold a full 20 lb bag of pellets so you can do a lot of cooking without having to worry about running out of fuel.

My dry rub is equal parts course ground black pepper and dark chili powder with lesser parts (measured by eyeball only) of onion powder, granulated garlic, dried sweet basil, Cayenne pepper, ground ginger and kosher salt.

Let's stir it up and hammer these pork spare ribs with some spicy flavor.

I like to season both sides of pretty much everything I cook.

Our smoker is up to 200 degrees so the ribs go in. We will be cooking at around 225 degrees for most of the cook.

After 5 hours these babies are falling off the bone tender and not dried out.

My conclusions?
This machine is 2 or 3 steps above any pellet grills I've been around. It gets up to temperature very quickly.  I turned it and my Louisiana Grill both on at the same time, set on high.  10 minutes later the LA Grill was up to 150 degrees and Grilla was up to 450 degrees.  Also the LA Grill will not get as hot as advertised, but Grilla does.  The ribs we cooked today at 225 degrees for 5 hours came out ridiculously good.  I caught my wife (Little miss "I don't like ribs") in the kitchen chowing down on one of these smoky succulent ribs. 

In all fairness, I haven't cooked with every brand out there but I have enough friends and relatives using pellet grills to get a good idea of what some of the more popular brands will and won't do.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy cooking!

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  1. Hi Steve, Normally I do not like ribs, but these looked so good that when I walked through the kitchen and saw them, I had to take a bite. One bite led to another, I finally quit after about 5 or 6. Maybe I'll have to change my mind . . . maybe I do like ribs. Your sweetie, Connie :)

  2. Man those ribs look good! making my mouth water. We dont really have smokers like that over here in the UK, looks like a costly bit of kit though - takes bbq to the next level I guess!

    1. Hi Kev, so glad you are looking in on my blog. This blogging thing is brand new to me and it is rewarding to hear from you. As stated before, these ribs were unbelievably good. I also have a large wood burning smoker on a trailer and am currently building another one for my nephew. I have not talked about metal working here as yet but I am into that too. Future posts will highlight the building of this smoker as well as the one I already built.

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