Saturday, August 11, 2012

All American Squirrel Feeder

On a Sunday afternoon Connie and I decided to build a new squirrel feeder.

She already had a plan in mind so I just started cutting out the parts she wanted. 
 Fairly simple design here but still a fun project.

A little glue and we nail it together with my nail gun.

Connie spreading on more glue.

 About an hour and a half from start to taking the first photos of the squirrels checking it out. 

A really fun afternoon project. 
Old license plates for the roof are a nice touch for stuff like this.

They love those peanuts.  We watched them take peanuts out onto the lawn and dig a little hole to bury them, each peanut in a different spot.

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  1. This is a really cute idea. It looks like the squirrels love it.

    1. Hi Dawn, nice to hear from you. Connie and I love doing projects together. She has the squirrels conditioned to come running when she gives a high pitched call when feeding them. If they are within hearing distance, they show up in minutes. What fun it is to watch them frolic in the back yard. They are not very shy and you can stand fairly close to them without them running away.

  2. What a great idea, very smart looking. Do the peanuts grow when the squirrels bury them? Xxx

    1. Hi Fran, Connie and I love hearing from you. We had fun with this one and the squirrels are having fun too. We actually have spotted three peanut plants coming up. Doubtful they will survive our climate for long but cool nonetheless.

      Love Connie and Steve.

  3. What a creative pair you and Connie are! This looks like a really great idea and I love the fact that the squirrels took to it so quickly. I love the colour scheme and the numberplate roof too

    1. Hi Anna, we really have fun doing projects together. So nice to hear from you again. Your crafting is really innovative and it is a joy to follow your blog.

      Love Steve and Connie.

  4. Hi Steve, I have been here at home watching two little squirrels having a ball playing in the trees around your feeder. They play a while then stop and eat. Then they fill their little cheeks full of corn and peanuts and run off. A little while later I look out the kitchen window and they are back. This has been going on all day.
    I love this new addition to our backyard. It is so much fun watching them play.
    Everyone should have one.
    Love you . . . Connie :)

  5. Hi Steve, what a really lovely addition to your garden. I love the number plates, dare I guess that was Connie's idea?! By the way, I bet your family will be spoiling you for Fathers Day. What's cooking? Have a good one, bye for now Jane