Monday, October 22, 2012

Dollar Saving Ideas

How do you like my utensil rack.
An old garden rake makes a great place 
to hang your equipment or pot holders.  

I built these lamp holders out of scrap fencing 
and inserted those little solar garden stakes. 
 They don't give a lot of light, 
but they do light your pathway 
and provide a nice ambiance. 

Just another view of our solar lights. 

My crafty wife surprised me 
with this menu board. 
She used chalkboard paint 
and built it from scrap fencing 
and a scrap of plywood. 
We enjoy using it when we throw a dinner party. 

We have a family motto,
"Never throw out scrap lumber",
You would be surprised at all the things 
we have built with wood from our scrap bin. 

Have a wonderful day!
Keep improving your home and making it you,
and please leave a comment.


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  1. What a fantastic idea, I'm also thinking allotment hanger! Xxx

  2. I like the menu board. Where do you get the paint?

  3. Love the old rake as a hanging rack!

  4. What great projects! I especially love the rake/utensil holder. But, your light holders and chalk board are great too! We just might make these things for our house. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your motto of never throwing out scrap lumber. There's so much you can do with it. In fact, we made a great gift for some of our nephews this year with scrap lumber and have made lots of gifts over the years too.