Friday, May 3, 2013

Gypsy Rose hatch covers are done!

Here we are coating the hatch cover with epoxy resin, 
which is a super waterproof high end plastic.

 We also did the forward and rear hatches 
when doing the main hatch.  

 Here is Connie wetting out the 6 oz fiberglass cloth with more epoxy resin. 
This will make the hatch covers very tough  
so they will stand up to being walked on.  

 Done except for sanding the fiberglass off the edges. 

Here is the final before and after shot.
What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy sailing to you!! 



  1. Wow! You and Connie have been really working on Gypsy Rose. Those hatch covers turned out beautiful. Great transformation.

  2. Nice work.. She is going to be a beauty!

  3. Wow! They look great! And, they look like they were a LOT of work. I had no idea you could see through fiberglass. That's really interesting.

  4. The difference is stunning! She will be a beauty when ready for the first tour :). Have a nice weekend!

  5. Very nice! I love the look of wood!

  6. You're going to put of UV Varnish over the epoxy, right? Epoxy has no UV protection and will degrade fairly quickly if you leave it bare.

  7. That looks beautiful, I love those stripes on the wood! :)

  8. The hatches look great. There is a real beauty in wood and working with it. This is a sentiment that I know you share with my Pete. However, does it also mean that you have piles of wood that is going to be 'useful at sometime' like Pete? Have a good weekend xxx

  9. Looking really good Steve. You are advancing quickly.
    Connie is making some nice decorations and cushions too.. a lovely project for the two of you.
    looking forward to seeing more photos.
    best wishes

  10. Looks as if you are "sailing along"! The hatch doors turned out beautiful! Blessings~~~Roxie

  11. Great job and beautiful wood! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment!

  12. WOW! What an amazing change! Bet the Gypsy Rose is just lovin' her new look!

  13. Beautiful! You guys are really working hard ... I just told Connie that I can't believe how far you have come in such a short period of time.

    Kathy M.