Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hula Whirliygig

Even though Christmas is over I'm still playing in my woodworking shop.
However these photos were mostly shot in my brothers shop. He and my sister in law love Hawaii so I made this for them.

Here are a few shots of the construction.

Here is a close up of the mechanism that makes the hula skirts move when the wind starts blowing.

Just as in my other whirligigs, the green block has skateboard bearings inside that the propeller shaft runs through.  This makes it spin with barely a puff of wind.
I love making these things.  
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Whirligig Alligator

Christmas time is coming, so I'm back in the workshop.
Sorry that I've been away so long,
but life happens and blogging has to take second place.

This is my gift to my two granddaughters.
Their Mom fixed them both
 a great garden space for next spring
and hopefully my gift will 
keep the birds from eating their garden seed.

The alligator's body/legs, propeller blades and palm tree are 1/8" plywood. 
The jaws and tail are 3/4" pine

The propeller shaft is a 5/16" X 6" bolt.  
The shaft then runs through the red block.  
Inside the red block I have mounted 2 skateboard ball bearings
 that the shaft runs through.  
With the shaft mounted in bearings,
this baby spins like a top when out in a good breeze.

As the propeller spins the jaws will open and close rapidly.

What fun! 
Just don't stick your finger between those gator jaws!

The palm tree acts like the tail on a weather vane 
and keeps the propeller blades headed into the wind.

When building a homemade gift, be sure to always sign and date it.
You never know what memories this toy will
bring to those you love  . . . in the years to come.


This is the week of Thanksgiving,
my favorite holiday  :)
I'm counting my many blessings,
A good wife, (and no, Connie didn't make me say that) a darling daughter, 
two beautiful granddaughters, a great job, 
a warm and cozy home, 
and food on the table.
What more could a man want :)

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Dollar Saving Ideas

How do you like my utensil rack.
An old garden rake makes a great place 
to hang your equipment or pot holders.  

I built these lamp holders out of scrap fencing 
and inserted those little solar garden stakes. 
 They don't give a lot of light, 
but they do light your pathway 
and provide a nice ambiance. 

Just another view of our solar lights. 

My crafty wife surprised me 
with this menu board. 
She used chalkboard paint 
and built it from scrap fencing 
and a scrap of plywood. 
We enjoy using it when we throw a dinner party. 

We have a family motto,
"Never throw out scrap lumber",
You would be surprised at all the things 
we have built with wood from our scrap bin. 

Have a wonderful day!
Keep improving your home and making it you,
and please leave a comment.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hell's Canyon Fishing Trip

Entering the 
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

We were greeted by these curly horn sheep.

Our guides and boat.


The views were breath-taking 
 throughout the canyon and 
the boat ride was a fast and exciting voyage.

Look at my catch!
Pretty nice.

Our trip included a river side barbecue.

If you ever have the chance to take this trip.
Do it!
You'll be glad you did.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

All American Squirrel Feeder

On a Sunday afternoon Connie and I decided to build a new squirrel feeder.

She already had a plan in mind so I just started cutting out the parts she wanted. 
 Fairly simple design here but still a fun project.

A little glue and we nail it together with my nail gun.

Connie spreading on more glue.

 About an hour and a half from start to taking the first photos of the squirrels checking it out. 

A really fun afternoon project. 
Old license plates for the roof are a nice touch for stuff like this.

They love those peanuts.  We watched them take peanuts out onto the lawn and dig a little hole to bury them, each peanut in a different spot.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home made Pizza Pie

Back in the 1950's when 
Pizza hit America by storm 
everyone called it Pizza Pie.

Simple basic ingredients, here's my recipe:

1 and 1/2  CUP WARM WATER (105 to 115 degrees)

Cover and let rise in a warm place.
If your house is on the cool side, 
turn the oven on for a few minutes, 
then turn it back off, and  set your bowl in. 
let rise for 1  1/2  hours or so.

The dough will at least double in size.

I love punching it down after it rises.
 Doesn't that look good?
It smells good too!


Now it's time to have fun!

Putting corn meal on the wooden peel keeps the dough from sticking.

I would love to be able to toss the dough but it would take a lot of practice and I don't make pizza often enough.

Marinara sauce.
Mozzarella and turkey pepperoni, sweet basil leaves right out of our garden. 
We will add cheddar cheese,black olives and mushrooms.

We have a pizza stone on the Grilla pellet grill.
We are at 550 degrees.

Wow does that ever look and smell good.


For the second pie we have garlicky hamburger, mozzarella, basil, black olives and mushrooms.

Such beauty!

In it goes for 10 -12 minutes.

Double YUM!!

Grab a plate and let's eat! 
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(I hope this made you hungry)

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