Monday, June 25, 2012

Lucy's Birthday Kitchen

This was the birthday present I built for my second
granddaughter when she turned 2 years old.
Her very own kitchen.
Connie and I designed this ourselves with no plans so it is one of a kind.

The sink is an 8 inch stainless steel mixing bowl.  
Check out the real faucets.

The stove burners are mahogany.

This is the refrigerator.
Like most of this project, it is made of pine.
I love working with pine wood. 
 It is beautiful and easy to work with.

I used dowels for the shelves so they would look more like a real refrigerator.
The dowels are made of oak.

Dowels also for the oven racks and a clear plexiglass oven door to give it the feel of a real oven.

 The frames for the oven door and pan storage door are made of oak with oak handles also.
 I love to mix different kinds of wood in my projects.

I wish I had taken photos of the construction of this but I was not a blogger then.

Anyway my little darling loves her birthday present.
See my  Motorcycle Rocker post if you have not seen it.  

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Prime Rib.

There is nothing closer to a man's desire than a
 juicy delicious Prime Rib. 
 Well, almost nothing.  :-)

First we cut the rib bones away from the meat.  
We'll tie them back on later because they add 
a ton of flavor to the meat while its cooking.

Here are the spices I have decided on for this yummy Father's Day roast.
The Everglades seasoning is something we picked up on our Florida vacation. 
 It has a strong but very nice sage taste.

Let's mix them up so we can hammer this prime rib with flavor!

Next we coat the meat with regular yellow mustard
that everyone has in the refrigerator. 

We will completely cover the meat with these spices.

Then we heavily salt and pepper the rib bones 
before tying them back on to the meat.

Back on the bone!

We tie it up tight!

And back into the refrigerator it goes 
to sit overnight and 
let the meat absorb those flavors.

The afternoon of the following day,
 its time to put it in the Grilla Pellet Smoker.

We will set the grill for 275 degrees F.
We will be using American Hickory pellets.

This Maverick digital meat thermometer with remote unit 
makes cooking it to a perfect medium a breeze.
We will bring the meat temp to 140 degrees F.

Tell me this isn't making your mouth water!

Now we cut the butchers twine and prepare to carve
 this luscious smoky prime rib.

Cooked to perfection, exactly the way Connie and I like it.

Dinner is served!

The following day we vacuum pack 
the leftovers in meal size packages 
and into the freezer they go. 

The Food Saver works great 
and keeps food good in the freezer for up to 2 years.  
Not that this yummy food will last that long.

We had enough leftovers for nine more meals for two.  
We will be enjoying this prime rib 
for many meals to come.  
I hope you liked this Father's Day Prime Rib post.

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