Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something that you may not know about me . . . 
I am an avid reader.  I always have two or three books going on at the same time.  My love for reading started as a child when our TV broke and my Dad introduced me to the public library. 
Thank you, Dad . . . this has been a gift that I am forever grateful for. 
My sister and me with 
our mom and dad.

A few years ago I purchased a Kindle  . . . I recommend this little piece of technology to any and all of you that love to read.  Once you own one you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

The reason for this post in to introduce you to a website that I discovered this morning.
It is a site filled with a list of a gazillion free kindle books. 
They are cataloged in to categories and very user friendly.  
If fact all you need to do is click on the book you like and it takes you right to Amazon.
There you can read the first few pages and decide if you want to order it.
Next just click and order . . .

Check it out at:

I think you are going to love it :)

Happy Reading,