Saturday, November 17, 2012

Whirligig Alligator

Christmas time is coming, so I'm back in the workshop.
Sorry that I've been away so long,
but life happens and blogging has to take second place.

This is my gift to my two granddaughters.
Their Mom fixed them both
 a great garden space for next spring
and hopefully my gift will 
keep the birds from eating their garden seed.

The alligator's body/legs, propeller blades and palm tree are 1/8" plywood. 
The jaws and tail are 3/4" pine

The propeller shaft is a 5/16" X 6" bolt.  
The shaft then runs through the red block.  
Inside the red block I have mounted 2 skateboard ball bearings
 that the shaft runs through.  
With the shaft mounted in bearings,
this baby spins like a top when out in a good breeze.

As the propeller spins the jaws will open and close rapidly.

What fun! 
Just don't stick your finger between those gator jaws!

The palm tree acts like the tail on a weather vane 
and keeps the propeller blades headed into the wind.

When building a homemade gift, be sure to always sign and date it.
You never know what memories this toy will
bring to those you love  . . . in the years to come.


This is the week of Thanksgiving,
my favorite holiday  :)
I'm counting my many blessings,
A good wife, (and no, Connie didn't make me say that) a darling daughter, 
two beautiful granddaughters, a great job, 
a warm and cozy home, 
and food on the table.
What more could a man want :)

Happy Thanksgiving,

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