Friday, March 30, 2012

More Photos of Yacht Tender

These are just a few photos, of the finished boat 
and what it looks like today.

It was an ambitious project, but I learned a lot about woodworking during the process.
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Building A Yacht Tender

This was one of my early projects.  
It had to look nice and float or I'd never get my wife in it.
In fact she flat out told me "I'm not floating in anything you build"

I ordered plans for a 9 foot yacht tender from
The plans came with full size patterns for the plywood stations. See photo below.

The skin is made out of 3/4 X 1/4 inch cedar strips which I cut from western red cedar 1x4s.
Each strip then goes through the router for a bead on one edge and a cove on the other.  This makes the strips nest together.

As you might imagine this is not a fast process.  I only worked on it when I felt like it but you could probably build one of these way faster than I did.

Whoops! I never did anything with fiberglass before and started getting in over my head.  Here is my sweetie taking over the glassing while I'm cooking Sunday dinner.

A toast of sparkling cider to celebrate the last cedar strip glued into place.

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